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Dreamond is a Consulting and Marketing agency which provide services for several industries: E-commerce, Online Business, Retail, Real Estate and Travel.

We act as a Marketing agency, Business consultant, and are implicated in some projects as Ventures capitalist.

Expert in Online marketing  and Cloud solutions, Dreamond has developed an expertise and its own solutions. These solutions allow to work more efficiently and help to achieve objectives quickly in different domains.

We are able to maximize the management of

  • Marketing and campaigns
  • Team
  • Project
  • Leads and sales
  • Inventory

By providing custom solutions including CRM and ERP.

Young and Innovative, we work with passion on the new way to make businesses, breaking the borders, transforming an idea into a solution to help our clients to increase brand awareness, ROI, penetrate new markets and solve issues that slow their development.

We are a Hong-Kong registered company, with representations in France, Middle East and Thailand.

Feel free to discover our services and contact us to discuss how we can collaborate.