Small and medium businesses have to leverage technology for growth promotion. This oftentimes involves a digital transformation in the company. It is important for companies to leverage technologies used because the way people work in the company changed as well as the clients’ expectations.

Technology solutions can be implemented in lead generation, customer communication, taking orders and purchasing, client meetings, and after sales follow up.

Industries where Leveraging Technology is Most Important:

For customer service, technology solutions enable more effective customer communication made possible by automated email responses. It’s easy for customers to ask questions and inform the company their issues through site chat support, click to call, social media, contact form on the site, contact details, etc.

In terms of management, technology has a significant contribution in project and time management and in handling staff meetings, particularly for multi-location workplaces. Internet-based automated tools such as project management software, time tracking software, and video-conferencing and teleconferencing conferences can go a long way in making management tasks less dreadful.

Technological solutions intended for the accounting area of business makes invoice generation, payment receipt, payroll handling, balancing books, financial report generation, and check generation more efficient with fewer delays in processing. Some of the tools available for these tasks are the accounting software, online direct deposit, automated invoice generation, and the online payroll service.

Building a brand, responding to customer expectations and developing a strong competitive advantage is within reach of small businesses who leverage technology and take digital transformation seriously.


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