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With the advent of digitalization, there are many avenues that opened up for the online marketer.

Customers prefer to do omnichannel shopping. It is possible for entrepreneurs to offer their products to anywhere in the globe. Along with these major changes in the way, businesses are run come to the major challenges.

The following are the major challenges that are faced in the E-Commerce industry:


Amazon is the leader in e-commerce because of its massive online product catalog. Shopping cart platforms have removed many barriers of entry by just about any product. It means that any entrepreneur can open an online store in just days, and it can sell as many products as it wants. This means tight competition. All these factors make it nerve-wracking to choose a product to sell that will stand out from the rest unless you manufacture an original product to sell.


There are many online retailers who are facing major growth issues because the technology they employ limit their capacity or they have partnered with the wrong agencies or suppliers for them to manage the projects well. It is crucial for retailers to have a solid technological foundation for them to achieve growth. They must choose the right inventory management software, CRM system, analytics, and shopping cart solution. It is a must for them to choose wisely the agencies or companies they must partner with.


Online entrepreneurs often spend a lot just to acquire traffic leading to their sites. With the usual conversion rate ranging from 1 to 3 percent, they must put in more effort into lead generation for them to maximize the results of their marketing initiatives. The key here is the list. Creating an email subscribers list is required for long term success. Leads are not the same. It is important the right message for a particular audience for them to be converted as leads and hopefully into sales.


Digital marketing channels are diverse, and they are constantly changing. This means that entrepreneurs don’t have one particular channel that they can depend on to generate traffic for their site. They have to efficiently leverage the following channels: PPC, display ads, SEO, shopping engines, affiliates, and social media sites. Their site has to be visible where their target audience is paying more attention.


It is one way to grow the business through sales increase, but the most important factor is its profitability. It is important for entrepreneurs to find the best ways to cut the cost of inventory, improve marketing efficiency and effectiveness, reduce the shipping costs, and also the control order costs.

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