Cloud Solutions


Cloud computing allows to get access information anytime and from anywhere, increase your responsiveness and productivity, team collaboration, reduce your costs, expand your business.

Cloud computing services are revolutionizing the way the companies and teams work. It increases data security and reduces the cost of operations.

By taking leverage on the advantages of the cloud system such as team collaboration, flexibility, scalability, security, and mobility, your company will gain in terms of efficiency and cost of operation.

Dreamond offers support in defining, laying out the foundation, and implementing a cloud computing strategy based on your specific objectives.

Here are the Services we Offer based on Cloud Computing Technology

  • Audit and definition of potential gains to move your business operations partly or fully to cloud computing.

  • We facilitate online software purchase and integration to enhance management efficiency and automation of services.

  • From team collaboration tools to ERP scale, we make sure your business is at the peak of its performance.

  • We provide web application and document hosting adapted to the specific usage as determined by geolocation, compliance, and scalability.

Dreamond provides and integrates several solutions:


ERP, CRM, Project management, File transfer, Email, Virtual Desktop


Storage, Project and website hosting


Instant messenger, Mobile, VOIP


Intranet, Extranet, E-commerce, Showcase


Connect, synchronize, accelerate the information circulation. Change your way to make business and accelerate your development. We are working with companies from different industries: Distribution, Services, Tourism and Hospitality, Real Estate, and more!

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