To automate marketing services using a software is called Marketing Automation. Many companies automate their marketing tasks like email marketing, social media posting, and advertising campaigns to create more personalized customer experience. The marketing automation technology makes these tasks easier.

Marketing automation is extremely useful, regardless of what the rest of your strategy involves. It can businesses reach their goals at a fraction of the cost, with an additional level of provided value for even higher ROI.

We streamline your sales and marketing activities while improving your reach

  • Solve challenges quickly: In today's generation, responding quickly to different channels and demonstrating real value to customers are important. Automating your marketing process end-to-end helps you leverage data and information across multiple channels.

  • Aggregate and automate: You need robust, integrated sales and marketing tools to reap the benefits of the consumer insights. The right tool makes the automation and organization of repetitive tasks, freeing you to focus on other important activities.

  • Measure, track and integrate: If your marketing automation allows you to establish goals, define key metrics, and track behaviors, then that is successful marketing automation. It enables you to continuously evaluate and adjust your campaigns or contents.

Are you searching for the right marketing automation solution for your business? Dreamond can help.

WORKFLOW : Automate Your Process

Streamline your process with automation! Retrieve emails, convert leads into your CRM, send automatic emails based on actions, create automatic invoices, send SMS... Automation is everywhere! Save time and be more efficient today!

REPORTING : Automate Your Report With Consolidated View

Dreamond can create automated interactive reports such as users, financial or marketing reports customized for your business depending on your needs!

CHATBOT : Automate Your Customer Support

A chatbot is a way to answer your clients 24/7 and increase your conversion rates. From simple Chatbot to chatbots integrating AI, or voice. We can create a custom chatbot for your business!


If you want the best marketing automation services and the most effective marketing automation software today, Dreamond can help. Contact us today for more information or to set up a consultation. You’ll be speaking with our marketing automation consultant who has the experience and talent needed to understand your business and help you reach your goals.