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Business Consulting

e provide business consulting and implement solutions to improve efficiency and optimize the way you work by: resources management, team collaboration, customer relationship management, tasks & projects management, sales & lead management, logistic.

From simple to complex cases, we assist SMEs in their development, helping them to build awareness, promote their services and products, increase sales, improve efficiency and team collaboration.

Our business services consist:


We provide a range of services and advice SMEs in project launching, marketing and branding, sales strategy, company creation and offshoring.

  • Market research: to identify the opportunities and threats of markets, identify strength and weakness of our clients and provide them solutions to be on the right track.
  • Marketing strategy: assist our clients to reach a new audience, target specific profiles, create awareness, retain clients… Develop their business and increase lead acquisition and sales
  • Implementation studies: We assist companies and individuals who want setup new branches, start new business in countries and zone where we are present (Europe, Asia, Middle East) by providing implementation studies to get comprehensive information and advices about the targeted zone.
  • Company creation: assist companies and individual to incorporate company in several countries as Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and United Arab Emirates.


We develop and integrate solutions to help companies to be more efficient, reach a new step and assist them in their development.

  • Customer Realationship Management system: to help companies to manage the relation with prospects, clients and partners and day to day activity. With advanced tools to communicate, follow up, collaborate, solve issues, manage opportunities and get comprehensive information about your business.
  • Team Collaboration tools, allow managing projects, tasks, communicating between different departments, branches and colleagues, and improving the efficiency and the way you deliver your offer to clients and partners, increasing responsiveness and productivity on daily basis.
  • ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning, to manage your entire organization with internal and external resources as Financial and Accounting, Human Resources, Manufacturing, Sales and Service, Customer, Supply chain management, project management.. ERP is a complex solution to manage your business, it development, improve efficiency, team collaboration…
  • Data Management, solutions to manage data and information in your company as catalog, resources, media…
  • VOIP solutions, to call thru Internet and reduce your phone cost drastically, and can be reach by all your clients and partners all over the world easily.
  • Specific solutions, contact us and will let you know what we can do.

How we work

Each company has its own needs according to its size, activity, location… that’s why at Dreamond, first we take time to understand the company business, and determine in collaboration with the management team how we can help to make the business more efficient by developing solutions that will be essential. A successful business solution is a solution that can be used easily by everybody in the company and match with the business needs.