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e act as a Web agency providing 360° web solutions covering all aspects of web from Web design & Development (showcase, e-commerce, complex) to online promotion (SEM, SEO, Social Media), and tailor made solutions, with complex IT architecture .

Internet is an exceptional way for a business to reach a new audience, create awareness, build reputation and identity, and increase sales. To be successful on Internet, a skilled partner who can intervene in all fields from the project to the promotion will be the key of success for your business.

Web consulting

Get feedback and new ideas to be more efficient even if you prefer continue to develop in-house. Have a third party feedback from a professional and a community about your presence on Internet, your web branding can be an invaluable plus to reach a new step and improve your presence on search engine, your branding, your ROI.

In addition of Website design, SEO and presence on Internet, we can provide comprehensive audit of the security of your websites. Your data are valuable and treats are high on Internet.

As professionals, we identify your strength and weakness on Internet, and deliver you a detailed report to correct the problem, and solutions that can be used. Then you hire us to setting up the solutions or continue in-house following the points of the report.

Web design

Web design is the way how visitors, prospects and partners will see your company, it’s the representation of your company on the web. When we work on web design and rebranding, we take attention to all details in order to bring a reflection of your company on the web, as the first impression it’s often decisive in the relation you will establish. Competition is intense, and the way you create your identity will be a key of success to thrive.

Creativity, Identity, Business understanding, Usability, and features are elements that you have to consider when setting up a website.

Web development

From the development of specified web applications to complex websites allowing the management of large data, with extensive features allowing scalability. Dreamond will assist you from the consulting phase to materialize the project and the development of the solutions, with then a dedicated support to train your team to work with the new solutions.

E-commerce solutions

Internet is an exceptional way to develop your business by selling online, now we can find and sell everything on Internet, and this media can be the new sales channel. E-commerce is complex cause to be successful, in addition of a powerful website with all features allowing to manage catalog, order, communicate and manage the relation with clients, and sell with online payment solutions…Companies has to set up a logistic and need to promote it offer to reach it audience.

At Dreamond, we support companies which would like to develop Internet sales channel, by providing a large range of services in ad equation to their needs.

–          E-commerce with all the features to manage an online activity

–          Tools to market products and services thru marketplace

–          E-marketing to reach a new audience and retain customers

–          Business consulting for improve efficiency: team collaboration, logistic, updates

Web Marketing

To have a website without to be viewed will not help you to reach new audience and develop your business, it will help only with existing clients and partners to retain them.

Web marketing is the key element to be successful on Internet, today web marketing is:

–          SEO or Search Engine Optimization aiming to get ranked on main search engines as google and bing which represents huge source of traffic and opportunity for your business.

–          SEM or Search Engine Marketing allowing by paying links, sponsoring results… to touch qualified target and potential new clients for your business

–          Social Media Marketing a way to reach new audience, retain client, sell and create a community to reinforce your brand, company and business by your presence on social media websites as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Youtube, Groupon…

–          Affiliation the way to create a network of affiliates who will sell your products and services and get referral.

–          Emailing and Newsletter: keep connect with existing and potential clients by sending them offer, news and information about your company and partners.

–          Advertising, advertise on websites to reach an audience, create awareness.

Dreamond acts as your web marketing partner by targeting, creating specified actions and managing your marketing on the different channels.