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Investment and Ventures

e develop several ventures as Investor/ Owner/Partner mainly on Internet to improve consumers’ experience by providing services that help them to discover, create, communicate, learn and buy differently. Our idea is to provide the tools to get comprehensive information. We are active in E-commerce, Social Media, Real Estate, Shopping and Tourism and Hospitality sector.

Information websites

We are working on complex solutions that aims to deliver comprehensive information to the visitor on several topics in order to allow them to discover, learn, share, compare and buy differently.

The information websites consist in

  • Portals
  • Blogs
  • Multi listing websites and classifieds
  • Comparison engines

We currently focus mainly in Shopping, Travel, Real Estate and Local information websites.

In addition of the value added for the visitors, the network of websites is a strike force for our clients and partners to promote their offers and services, allowing us to get quicker results and more impact when we launch a new website and solution.

E-commerce websites

We are active in the whole process, from web development to marketing, customer support and logistic. We deliver best services, quality products on niche markets with selected partners who have long experience in their business and who are looking to expand and develop their activity thru new channel as Internet, or in cities where we are present..

Often we act as a privileged partner and/or investor, managing the whole part of the online activity, our core business (Web design, development, maintenance, marketing, crm, payment processing) and let our partner to focus on creation of new products and services, logistic… (their core business)